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South Florida Insurance Broker Agency

The law in Miami and South Florida requires every business to carry some type of commercial insurance. The insurance protection required by the individual depends on the business they are running. Before a business owner purchases insurance from a broker, he or she needs to have a general understanding of commercial insurance. This knowledge will keep a business owner from buying too much or too little coverage for their establishment.

For virtually any business operating in Miami and South Florida, AIB offers several types of commercial insurance. Commercial General Liability insurance protects businesses that may encounter claims due to unfortunate situations. This can include physical or emotional damage stemming from theft, vandalism, fires, accidents, and other mishaps. Our agents are available to handle these claims if they should arise. This type of commercial insurance covers bodily injury, advertising injury, and personal injury stemming from slander and character defamation.

Businesses that possess fleet vehicles can benefit from our Commercial Truck and Auto Insurance. This type of coverage is mandatory for commercial vehicles operating in Miami and South Florida. Our business insurance agency provides the coverage that will protect your business in the event of an accident. It will also pay your court costs and legal fees if someone decides to file a lawsuit against your company. Our knowledgeable brokers will evaluate your company and let you know how much insurance you require. When you speak to a broker, you should ask about receiving any discounts if you have five or more vehicles in your fleet.

Our business insurance agency also provides Workers Compensation insurance. This insurance is especially important for construction companies, factories, and other businesses that may have a high potential for accidents. Workplace accidents happen quite often, which is why the law requires most businesses in South Florida and Miami to carry this coverage. This type of commercial insurance provides medical care and income compensation for any employee that may suffer an accident on the job. It also covers any medical care stemming from an illness acquired by the employee while they were on the job. The employee does not need to be at fault in order to receive this coverage.

A number of confusing circumstances can arise around a workers compensation claim. The laws pertaining to the time period of the income compensation payments, medical treatments, and rehab services can be unclear to the average business owner. Our business insurance agency understands this and our brokers and agents can clear up any confusing details if a problem of this nature should come up.

AIB provides a complete line of commercial insurance products for just about any business in Miami and South Florida. Our insurance solutions can help factory owners, construction companies, delivery companies, real estate professionals, landlords, restaurant owners, and other companies that are susceptible to accidents and losses. Excess Umbrella Coverage is also available for the person looking to put higher limits on their liability insurance. The experienced agents and brokers of AIB can assist you with choosing the right insurance package for your business. If you live in South Florida or Miami, talk to a broker or get a free online quote from us today.

South Florida Insurance Broker Agency

South Florida Insurance Broker Agency

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